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Hot Air Balloon Advertising Programs: Why they work

If you want a big look without spending big dollars, a hot air balloon provides giant results. Whether you are a big company and want to look big, or if you
are a small company and want to look big.

You are putting your name in front of thousands of viewers and they did not have to do a thing! Your viewers are not necessarily looking for the goods or services that a company has to offer. Your viewers donít have to buy a newspaper or magazine then turn to your page a read a written advertisement.
They donít even have to be tuned into your radio station. Certainly everyone will look at a hot air balloon. In fact, they will even take pictures of it!

A balloon attracts crowds, young and old alike. Everyone can relate to a huge Christmas tree ornament.

Banner Package
  • Your company logo on a 15 x 30 banner affixed to an 8 story high hot air balloon.
  • Banner flown on a three month contract basis, in areas of high traffic visibility.
  • All equipment is owned and operated by Air Ventures.




According to market research completed by the Department of Tourism for the Kodak Albuquerque Balloon Festival in 1996, the people who attend this event are 25 to 54 years of age, equal percentages of males to females, three quarters of them are Caucasians with family incomes of $40,000 to $70,000 per year.
Advertising using balloons is not new. It has proven itself for many businesses (see list attached). Programs are varied for dollars spent and areas covered. The
bottom line remains that, dollar for dollar, advertising via Hot Air Balloon works very effectively.

In a magazine article printed in 1987, Malcolm Forbes was quoted as saying:
"Balloons, for what they cost, have
given us (Forbes Magazine) more
promotional value than a hundred
times as much spent on (standard)
Sure, not everyone wants to be a
Malcolm Forbes, but using some of
his business practices Ö how can it hurt?


  Envelope Package
  • Your company logo imprinted on a 105,000 cubic foot envelope.
  • Air Ventures will lease bottom end equipment and recovery van.
  • Part-time FAA commercial pilot and crew.
  • All equipment except envelope will remain Air Ventures.
  • A limited attendance of selected balloon events with high spectator figures and/or part-time attendance of company specific promotion events.


Corporate Balloons
  • Your company logo imprinted to your design on a 77,000 cubic foot balloon envelope.
  • Your company logo painted on the side of your recovery van.
  • Full-time FAA events corporate pilot and crew.
  • All equipment necessary for balloon operations.
  • Full-time attendance of selected balloon events with high spectator figures and/or full-time attendance of grand
    openings or company specific promotional events.

Just a few of the existing Commercial balloon programs:Dodge
Harley Davidson
American Express
Ryder Truck
Motorcraft (Ford)
Advertising via a balloon is an environmentally safe way of getting your message across, besides just being good, clean family fun!
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