Hot air ballooning is a dangerous activity entailing a variety of risks. These risks include the possible loss or damage of personal property, cameras, sunglasses, glasses and the like, arrest for trespassing or other violations, injury or fatality due to capsize of the balloon basket, collisions with the ground or other obstacles on the ground or in the air, injuries or aggravation of injuries caused by hard landings or in getting in or out of the basket and weather related accidents. As a condition to its agreement to provide a hot air balloon flight, Air Ventures Balloon Flights, Inc. owners and operators of the balloon requires its passengers to acknowledge these risks and assume them.

Therefore each person ("passenger") signing this release acknowledges the above and other risks inherent in hot air ballooning. Each passenger assumes these risks and hereby agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless Air Ventures Balloon Flights, Inc. and its principals, directors, officers, employees from and against any claims, actions, losses, liability damage and expenses (including attorneys fees) that may arise in connection with passenger boarding, flight landing, entering/disembarking or other use of the hot air balloon, personal injury, property damage stemming therefrom whether or not caused or partly caused by Air Ventures Balloon Flights, Inc. or its principals, officers, directors or employees. The below passenger has signed this release intending to bind his/herself and his/her heirs, representatives and assigns.